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“Evromet” LLP
was founded in 2005
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“Evromet” LLP

  • “Evromet” LLP was founded in 2005, the main activity of the company is manufacturing of scarce coke products, which are used as highly efficient carbonic reducing agent while making ferroalloys, calcium carbide and in phosphorus production. Also, coke may be used as smokeless fuel for household needs.
  • Since its foundation “Evromet” LLP have produced and sold over a million tons of coke products. Almost twenty years of our business activity have proven us to reliable and responsive business partners. The material, which is supplied by us, has a number of advantages to improve economical effect of using it in a production. There are a number of positive feedbacks provided to us, as a confirmation of our coke’s efficiency.
  • Our enterprise is fully Kazakh producer. The whole production cycle is carried out by means of exclusively internal market labor, technical equipment and locally produces raw materials.
  • The product of our company is characterised by its reduced level of ash and increased carbon content (87-89%), as well as high reactivity (much higher than in nut coke). All these advantages put us on the level of coke industry leaders.
    As for this moment, “Evromet” LLP production capacities allow us to make up to 5000 tons of material monthly. Also, I case of special request of every single new consumer it is possible to vary quality indicators of the coke produced.


Our production
Quality from the manufacturer

The basic feedstock for our production are coal and air, as the outcome we get coke and gas free of tar and other harmful substances. The use of this gas may be following:

  1. Generation of electricity by the means of burning it in a gas turbine, stem or hot water boiler;
  2. As fuel for brick firing;
  3. As raw material source of hydrogen for fuel cells.

The harmful emissions level of burning this gas is lower than the ones to be acquired if the natural gas is burned.

The production process of “Evromet” LLP is carried out with accordance to world’s scientific researches in this area. There is an ongoing process of modernisation taking place in our production plant so we may be sure that the material meets the highest international standards of the coke industry.

Our advantages
Actively developing group of companies
Reliable and trustworthy supplier and manufacturer of coke products
High reactivity of the product
(8-10 times greater than in traditional nut coke)
100% made in Kazakhstan
Own innovative production technology
Application area
For production of FERROALLOYS
For production of CARBIDES
For production of PURE SILICON
For production of PHOSPHORUS
For production of LIME
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