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“Evromet” LLP
was founded in 2005
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ТОО «Евромет»

The main activity of the enterprise is production of scarce coke products and namely medium-temperature coke which is an effective carbonaceous reducing agent used in the phosphorus industry during production of ferroalloys, carbides, and which can also be used as smokeless fuel for household needs.

In the production of coke products “Evromet LLP” initiated the concept of joint production of energy and scarce coke products for metallurgical purposes.

The raw materials used are coal and air, and the resulting products are medium-temperature coke and combustible gas free of tarry matters and other harmful substances.


Our production
Quality from the manufacturer

Combustible gas formed during the production of coke, can be used for the following purposes:

  1. It can be burnt in a gas turbine, steam boiler (unit) or water heating boiler (unit) to obtain electrical and/or thermal energy;
  2. It can be used as fuel, for example, when firing bricks;
  3. It can be used as a raw material source of hydrogen for fuel cells.

Specific harmful emissions from the combustion of this gas are lower than in case of using natural gas.

Coke produced by our enterprise is produced in accordance with academic inquiries in the sphere of coke production.

We are performing continuous quality improvement of the obtained coke in order to obtain coke corresponding to the best world standards.

Our advantages
Actively developing group of companies.
Reliable and trustworthy supplier and manufacturer of coke products.
High reactivity power of the produced product
(8-10 times greater than traditional coke products).
Application area
For production ferroalloys
For production carbides
For production pure silicon
For production phosphorus
For production of lime
in blacksmithing
For the domestic needs of the population
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