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Manufactured product

“Evromet” LLP’s coke product has a number
of considerable physicochemical and structural
advantages compared to traditional nut coke,
which is widely used by production enterprises.



Our material is 100% locally produced.
The entire cycle of manufacturing and procurement
of raw materials is done inside of the Kazakh market.


We provide coke with higher reactivity at the temperature of 1000 ⁰С, which is the reason why our material features better economical effect of its usage in a electrothermal processes

The reduced ash content level of our product
determines its elevated content of fixed carbon.


“Evromet” LLP’s material has high electrical resistivity,
which increases the one of ferroalloy charge in
the whole range of production process temperatures,
in its turn this reduces heat dissipation in a throat of ferroalloy
furnace. Also, it ensures deeper seating of electrodes,
which effects in increase in furnace productivity
and decline in electricity consumption.

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